Deadly Departed

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Evidential Mediumship Development and the Problems of Online Training

This episode covers the importance of evidential mediumship and how online training can leave mediums unprepared to engage with the bereaved in a responsible and compassionate way.

Being Thankful Through Awareness and Gratitude

Being Thankful Through Awareness and Gratitude: We often take for granted the small things and so we are changing things up and starting to look at our awareness and...

Why I Don’t Support Online Mediumship Training

Online Mediumship Training: This is my own personal opinion and was brought about when I was asked the question if I thought online mediumship training was valid or if...

Investigating Paranormal Cases

It’s important to investigate any claim of demonic possession. This episode discusses the need for psychological evaluation in these cases.

Waterfall Meditation

This episode is a guided meditation and visualization. We hope these techniques can bring you some relief during this time of anxiety and self-isolation.

A Prayer of Protection

A prayer asking for protection which I hope may be helpful for some of you.

Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

These are unprecedented times that we are experiencing, but the problem is that we are giving our power away. It is time to awaken and take back the power...

How To Calm The Monkey Mind In Times Of Crisis

How To Calm The Monkey Mind In Times Of Crisis: Here is my little secret for how to calm your monkey mind in times of crisis. Times of crisis...

Is Coronavirus the End of the World?

Is The Corona Virus The End Of The World? Thoughts from a medium, these are my notes from communication that i received from the other side regarding the Corona...