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Demons and COVID-19

Demons and The Corona Virus: Is The Corona Virus Demonic? I have been amazed at the amount of questions i have received about the coronavirus pandemic and if this...

The Dangers of Psychic Games

The truth is that in your desperation to connect with spirits, you could be conjuring demons without knowing. In this podcast, I discuss dangerous paranormal games that you should...

The Tree of Your Life

Bonus Episode – The Tree Of Your Life, Remember where you came from.

Dangers Of The Ouija Board Part 1

The Ouija Board, is it a toy or a contract with the Demonic?

How Long Before Deceased Loved Ones Communicate

When you lose a loved one, it’s often the first thing that you want to know. How long will it be before I hear from them and will i...

Types Of Spirit Possession In Mediumship

In this episode, we discuss the types of medium possession and how it can be thought of in two distinct applications.

Raise Your Vibration

How To Raise Your Vibration In 3 Easy Steps

Helen Duncan Physical Medium – Martyr For Spiritualism

Helen Duncan is an Icon when it comes to the Rich History of Spiritualism. Dubbed the last witch to be trialed is so wrong, she gave her life for...

The Demon Of Brownsville Road With Bob Cranmer and Jock Brocas

A real serious discussion on a real Demonic Case In Pittsburg USA. Bob Cranmer and Jock Brocas talk candidly on Demonic Infestation, Oppression and the real suffering caused.