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Getting Rid Of Spirits Is Not Hollywood

Time and Time again we see many paranormal teams and investigators as well as psychics and mediums claim to remove spirits and to watch the ritual is like a...

Suicide and The Fires Of Hellish Belief

Does Hell exist and what about when someone commits suicide – do they go to that dark place. So many suffer through ignirance but this episode is sure to...

Spirit Animals as Spirit Guides – Reality Check

Can Spirit Animals be your spirit guides. In this episode Jock discusses that often misunderstood belief on the phenomena of spirit animals.

Can You Be Possessed By Visiting Mediums or Psychics?

Jock Brocas – Evidential Spirit Medium answers a readers question about the potentials for possession when visiting mediums or psychics. This is part 1 in a 3 part series.

How I Met My Spirit Guide

This is the first part of a funny story about how I met my spirit guide.

Busting Clairaudience Myths

How do you know you’re clairaudient? In this episode Jock tells you what to look for, and what supposed signs have no real connection to clairaudience. Ask Jock

How To Meet Your Spirit Guides The Right Way

Its not often the right way to meet your spirit guide with just a guided meditation. Often your desire to meet your guide will cloud your judgment. In this...

The Selfishness of Grief: Part 2

Dealing with loss of a parent, sibling or even a friend can be life changing, but trying to understand the grieving process and the realities of the afterlife will...

Developing Spiritual Power and Discernment

How do you develop your spiritual power and what is your spiritual power? In this episode we talk about spiritual power and its role within your life – helping...