We Need To Consider Paranormal Science

Welcome to “Deadly Departed,” the podcast that delves into the mysteries of the afterlife and explores paranormal phenomena with expert guests. I’m your host, Jock Brocas, an author, researcher, and medium.

In this episode, titled “We Need to Consider Paranormal Science,” we’ll be discussing the importance of taking a scientific approach to understanding paranormal phenomena. Far too often, people jump to conclusions based on a misunderstanding of what they’re experiencing, leading to fear, confusion, and even harm.

Paranormal science aims to explore such incidents objectively, with a systematic and open-minded approach. It relies on empirical data to verify or disprove any supernatural assertions. By studying these experiences systematically, we can gain a deeper understanding of the nature of consciousness, the afterlife, and the mysteries of the universe.

Join us as we explore the need for paranormal science and discuss how it can help us navigate the strange and wondrous world of the paranormal. Let’s separate fact from fiction and shed light on the mysteries that lie beyond our everyday experience.

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