The Awakened Brain With Dr Lisa Miller

On this enlightening episode of “Deadly Departed,” join our host, Jock Brocas, as he delves into the captivating work and research of renowned psychologist, Dr. Lisa Miller. A pioneer in the field of spiritual psychology, Dr. Miller offers groundbreaking insights into the profound connection between our brains and spiritual experiences.

From her extensive research, Dr. Miller reveals that our minds are not solely instruments of logic and physical processing, but are also intrinsically set for spiritual transcendence. Her revolutionary findings invite listeners to contemplate the idea of an “Awakened Brain” – one that seamlessly integrates rational thinking and spiritual awareness.

In a riveting conversation that merges the scientific with the spiritual, Jock Brocas and Dr. Miller embark on a journey that challenges conventional wisdom and unfolds the complex tapestry of the human psyche. Unearth the transformative potential of spirituality and neuroscience intertwined, and discover a fresh, new perspective on the innate spiritual capacity of our minds.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking exploration into the realm of the ‘Awakened Brain.’ It’s an enlightening episode that promises to stimulate your intellect and awaken your spirit.

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