Extraordinary Spiritual Awakenings

Today’s episode, titled “Extraordinary Awakenings,” takes us on a journey of spiritual transformation and enlightenment. We will explore the captivating concept of “transformation through trauma” coined by Professor Steve Taylor PhD, as we uncover the profound effects that intense turmoil can have on our spiritual selves.

Now, as we navigate the remarkable terrain of spiritual awakenings, I am thrilled to introduce our esteemed guest, Steve Taylor, a professor at a prestigious university in the UK. With multiple books under his belt, including the brilliantly titled “Extraordinary Awakenings,” Steve is here to shed light on the science and intricacies of spiritual awakening.

Together, we’ll challenge the boundaries of conventional psychology, which has been hesitant to explore and discuss these extraordinary transformations.

But before we delve into the depths of this extraordinary topic, I want to remind you all to pick up a copy of our “Deadly Departed” book, where you’ll find even more captivating stories and insights. And remember, sharing our episodes with friends and family is always appreciated.

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