Deadly Departed Video Podcasts Unmasking the Hidden Tears Grieving Men and The Grief Journey

⏩ Grieving men, need support more than ever. On this episode of Pillars Of Grief, host Jock Brocas discusses the complexities of male grief and how grieving men cope with the grieving journey. Jock has conducted research in this field and also has real life personal experience in deep traumatic loss.

Men are expected to be stoic and suppress their emotions, leading to a fear of being judged as weak. But this can be harmful, as suppressing emotions can lead to serious negativer tendencies. Jock wants to hear stories about loved ones and for people to express joy when talking about them. Also in this episode, jock expounds on the importance of understanding grief in men and exemplifies a recent experience with a close friend who was involved with a man who took his own life after losing his wife. Jock was inspired to bring this issue to light because of what happened.

Men often feel frightened to show emotions because they are expected to be strong as the head of the family and household. Listen in to understand the struggles men face when it comes to expressing their emotions during the grieving process.

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[00:00:48] Grieving men and societal expectations discussed briefly.
[00:04:31] “Men can’t talk emotions. Fight to win.”
[00:06:52] Gender imbalance in grief counseling for women.
[00:10:00] Misunderstanding led to regret after death.
[00:15:25] Men need to talk about their emotions.
[00:19:36] Men should express their emotions freely, warriorship defined.
[00:23:40] Thank you for listening, help grieving men.
[00:24:30] Listen to stories, don’t offer platter.

00:00 Introduction
00:32 He’s Going To Take His Own Life
00:44 Setting the Scene

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