Deadly Departed Video Podcasts The awakened Brain with Dr Lisa Miller

In this thought provoking episode of Deadly Departed we explore the fascinating world of spirituality, science, and the awakened brain with none other than renowned author and professor, Dr. Lisa Miller.
Dr. Miller’s groundbreaking work has ignited a paradigm shift in how we view the integration of spirituality and science. She believes that there are valid forms of knowing that coexist in the awakened brain, and our connection to the divine spirit allows us to transform our lives on profound levels.

In our conversation with Dr. Lisa Miller, we’ll delve into the depths of her profound research, as she shares how consciousness, spirituality, and precognition intersect. As a professor at the prestigious University of Columbia and the author of the acclaimed book “The Awakened Brain,” Dr. Miller has brought spiritual awakening to the forefront of science and the mainstream.

Together, we’ll explore the fusion of science and spirituality, the power of choice as a dialogue with the sacred universe, and the extraordinary stories that intertwine our shared human experience. Additionally, we’ll discuss Dr. Miller’s illuminating spiritual psychology program at an Ivy League school and her inspiring journey that led her to write her enlightening book.

So, get ready to expand your horizons and open your mind to a multitude of possibilities. Join us as we embark on an enlightening journey with Dr. Lisa Miller and explore the awakened brain, bridging the gap between science and spirituality like never before.

Thank you for joining us on this compelling episode of “Deadly Departed.” We look forward to sharing these fascinating insights with you, so stay tuned, and let us delve into the profound wisdom contained within “The Awakened Brain.”


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Time Stamps
[00:00:00] Author Lisa Miller discusses her work on the science of spirituality and her personal awakening experiences.

[00:04:53] Lisa’s Book and her struggle to conceive a child despite trying various methods, including IVF. They question their path and feel a sense of despair.

[00:12:15] Divine guidance leads to adoption offer during a spiritual experience.

[00:15:15] The narrator experiences mixed emotions after multiple in vitro attempts.

[00:20:32] They then attend a healing ceremony in South Dakota with the Lakota community.

[00:29:39] Lisa Discusses her husband’s spiritual awareness.

[00:36:02] In the 21st century, neuroscience is beginning to understand consciousness as separate from the brain. MRI machines can show which parts of the brain are engaged during spiritual experiences, providing evidence that humans are inherently spiritual beings.

[00:38:06] The text discusses the importance of science in understanding spirituality and mental health. It explains that our capacity to perceive spirituality is partially innate and partially shaped by our environment. The more we engage in spiritual practices, the stronger this capacity becomes.

[00:42:50] Choice is a sacred gift – moments of choice are like wormholes between universes, where everything unfolds differently.

[00:47:14] There is a connection between humans and animals, emphasizing the power of thought, action, and prayer.

[00:52:11] Wishing joy, discovery, and assurance of never being alone on the spiritual path. Thankful for the gift of being with you. Trauma leads to awakening.

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