Deadly Departed Video Podcasts Men’s Loneliness and Grief Breaking the Silence: Men’s Struggles with Grief and Loneliness

On this episode of Pillars Of Grief, host Jock Brocas explores how men cope with grief and the impact it has on their lives. With a personal perspective on the isolation and guilt that comes with grief, our unnamed speaker shares how men often turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with the pain and loneliness. The societal expectations of strength and stoicism make it harder for men to open up about their grief and lead to strained relationships. The episode highlights the need to create safe spaces for men to share their feelings and features helpful tips, such as telling stories about loved ones and the importance of vulnerability. Tune in to this episode to learn about the unspoken depths of grief in men.

00:00 Jock talks about loneliness and grief being potentially deadly.

03:56 Experiencing loneliness after father’s passing, due to unsaid things and hurt from past relationship.

07:21 Men hide in darkness to avoid vulnerability due to societal expectations, leading to isolation and suicide.

09:51 Men’s grief oftentimes goes unspoken and leads to isolation, strained relationships, and a tendency toward unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as overworking or excessive drinking. Vulnerability can be a superpower in coping with grief.

14:16 People cope with grief in different ways. Some turn to alcohol or drugs, some turn to the gym, but it’s important to take care of oneself and not inflict harm.

18:45 Learning from someone experienced can help with grief. Men may feel guilty for continuing to enjoy life after losing their loved one. A shout out to Mike from Scotland.

20:26 Encourage men to talk; share stories of the loved one.

26:19 Start with storytelling. Share grief in conversation. Meditate less, connect with loved ones more.

27:14 Talking to deceased loved ones can bring comfort and signs from the other side.

32:52 No more statistics, seek help & strength in vulnerable emotions.

34:40 Choose happiness, loved ones want it. Start by telling a story.


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