Deadly Departed Video Podcasts Are Spirit Orbs Paranormal and Real Paranormal Phenomena or A digital camera artifact

Have you ever wondered or asked the question Are spirit orbs paranormal in nature? Join host Jock Brocas and special guest Steve Parsons in this intriguing episode of Deadly Departed Podcast as they dive deep into the world of paranormal phenomena. Explore the captivating question: “Are Spirit Orbs Paranormal Phenomena?” Discover the truth behind the mysterious orbs captured in digital photography and understand the science behind their existence.

In this episode, Steve shares his own experiments and findings on orbs, debunking their supernatural claims. Learn why orbs appear on compact digital cameras, the influence of camera settings, and the distinct phenomenon of orbs in infrared night vision cameras. Delve into the historical background of orbs and how their interpretation has evolved in contemporary ghost hunting culture.

Jock and Steve discuss popular ghost hunting shows, the rise of amateur investigators, and the need for more critical and thorough investigations in the paranormal field. Gain valuable insights into the role of equipment in ghost hunting, its limitations, and the potential for improved data gathering.
Don’t miss this intriguing conversation as Jock and Steve challenge popular beliefs, provide scientific explanations, and encourage listeners to think critically about paranormal encounters. Join the conversation on the legitimacy of orbs in digital photography and explore the fascinating world of paranormal phenomena.

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[00:02:31] Childhood curiosity led to lifelong ghost hunting.

[00:07:09] Investigations popularized ghost hunting through TV shows.

[00:12:38] Haunted camera captures light orbs, debunked as particles.

[00:21:12] Orbs on digital cameras: dust or paranormal?

[00:28:29] Photographs show orbs, common in digital cameras.

[00:34:23] Grief process needs complete stages; seek help.

[00:45:17] Equipment verifies and objectifies paranormal experiences.

[00:49:33] Ignorance, gullibility, product placement, and skepticism.

[00:59:51] Challenges facing paranormal investigators in modern world.

[01:06:13] Promoting SPR guides, join SPR, learn science.

[01:08:05] Grateful for the pleasure you provided.

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