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deadly departed
Deadly Departed
Unveiling the Mysteries of Psychic Minds: In-Depth Conversations with Dr. Jeff Tarrant

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Dr Jeff Tarrant - Becoming Psychic

Upcoming Guest - Dr. Jeff Tarrant, Ph.D., BCN

We are delighted to dive into Dr. Jeff Tarrant’ new book “Becoming Psychic” and his fascinating work with the brain and psychic ability. You will not want to miss this episode which is being recorded Tues 23rd Jan.

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deadly departed podcast

About the show

Deadly Departed is a podcast by Evidential Medium, Paranormal Researcher and author Jock Brocas. Deadly Departed features some of the greatest minds in parapsychology, the paranormal and the afterlife today. It is a show that is serious whilst being fun and entertaining at the same time. Sign up below and get insider tips and invited to private one off shows and access to our new community app.

Upcoming Episodes

the awakened brain

The Awakened Brain With Dr. Lisa Miller

In the upcoming episode of the Deadly Departed Podcast, esteemed host Jock Brocas will be joined by a distinguished guest, Dr. Lisa Miller. An acclaimed psychologist, Dr. Miller has devoted her career to the exploration of spiritual psychology, offering a unique perspective that fuses the spheres of spirituality and psychology. She is perhaps best known for her groundbreaking book, ‘The Awakened Brain’, a deep dive into the human mind’s spiritual potential. As an influential voice in the psychological community, Dr. Miller’s insights promise a riveting and thought-provoking discussion for the show’s audience.

Meet the Hosts

Jock Brocas Medium

Jock Brocas

Jock is the author of Deadly Departed, the chief editor of paranormal daily news and a respected medium and paranormal researcher. Jock is passionate about education and blending science with the paranormal.

craig Weiler

Craig Weiler

Are you interested in becoming a co-host of Deadly Departed and interviewing some wonderful guests in the field of the paranormal and spirituality. Contact us today and become the next host.

Our Amazing Featured Guests

Dr. Lisa Miller

Dr. Lisa Miller

Steve Parsons

Dr. E Van Dusen

Nick Pope

Loyd Auerbach

Dr. R Gallagher

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